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Signs, withdrawal Symptoms & Treatment Options


understanding alcohol addiction in America

Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Addiction is when someone has an uncontrollable need to do something, use something, or engage in a certain behavior. Although addiction can take any of these forms, one of the most common and dangerous is drug and alcohol addiction. Many people think addiction is a choice but this isn’t true. Addiction is a disorder that occurs when your brain is reprogrammed to think the substance you’re abusing is necessary to function. If you are suffering from addiction, please know it’s not your fault. You aren’t actively choosing to be an addict, but you can actively choose to pursue the necessary treatment to stop using drugs or alcohol. Addiction Treatment Solutions will help you find the answers you need when it comes to seeking help for substance abuse.

Although addiction is typically associated with illegal substances such as heroin, cocaine, and crystal meth, alcohol is actually one of the leading addictive substances. It can be difficult to wrap your head around the concept of legal being addictive but just because you can buy something at a store doesn’t mean it can’t be harmful to your health. Alcoholism can be more difficult to recognize in yourself because you have to determine where the line is drawn between social drinking and being addicted. If you or a loved one are suffering from alcohol addiction, or think you may have an addiction, don’t wait to reach out to us any longer. Quitting alcohol on your own can be dangerous but is manageable with the aid of medical detox. Let us help you find the best treatment options for alcohol abuse through our free matching service.

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Understanding Alcoholism

What is Alcoholism?

Alcohol addiction means you have an uncontrollable desire to keep drinking even when you want to stop. This often happens over time without you noticing. It can start as one or two drinks every other weekend and then casually progress to an everyday necessity.

The more you drink the deeper your addiction will become. Alcohol is addictive not only mentally, but physically as well. This means when you stop drinking, the body will send you signals that it needs more. If you don’t drink alcohol when you start to feel these cravings, you can start to experience withdrawals.

Alcoholism is a disease. You and your friend can drink the same amount but if they aren’t an addict, only you will have the urge to drink more. Everyone’s brain is wired differently which is why some people are prone to addiction more so than others. Unfortunately there isn’t a test to find out if you’re an addict or not. Most people don’t realize their addiction until they’re deep in it.

Addiction affects every aspect of your life. When you are physically dependent on a substance to function, you’ll stop at nothing to get it. This means family, friends, work, dreams, and goals will all come after alcohol. Your performance at work will likely suffer, effort in relationships will diminish, and so on. This will eventually lead to financial difficulties and put additional strains on life. It’s important to spot the signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction as early as possible so you can get help before it spirals out of control.


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How to Know if Someone
Has a Drinking Problem

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

If you have suspicions about yourself or a loved one suffering from alcohol addiction, there are some things you should look out for. Some signs and symptoms will be more common than others but the general signs are widespread. Medical professionals often use a questionnaire called the CAGE questionnaire to evaluate if you are at risk of alcohol abuse. CAGE is an acronym that represents criteria for alcohol addiction and stands for:

This questionnaire is a simple tool that can be used to help evaluate you or someone else’s likelihood of suffering from alcohol abuse. Please note this is not an exhaustive list of signs of alcohol abuse.

In addition, people who suffer from alcoholism often develop signs and symptoms of withdrawals if they go more than a few hours without a drink. Alcohol withdrawals can range from minor to severe and even lead to death depending on the addiction.

Common Substances of Abuse

How to Stop
Drinking for Good

Alcoholism Treatment Options

With our assistance you can find the right treatment for your alcohol addiction. It’s important you know that the safest and most effective way to stop using alcohol is by detoxing at a treatment facility. After you detox, you can complete residential inpatient treatment. 

The main purpose of detox is to remove alcohol from your body. Detox for alcohol on average lasts about 5-7 days, although this can be different for some people depending on the severity of their addiction. 

Once you complete detox, you’ll be ready for residential treatment. During this time you’ll learn strategies and coping skills to stay sober for the long term. Residential treatment length can vary, but on average lasts about 30-60 days.

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With rates of alcoholism on the rise in the United States, the need for quality alcohol treatment programs has never been greater. The team at the Addiction Treatment Solutions is here to help. We offer a free service that will help you find the best alcohol rehabs that fit your unique needs when it comes to treatment. Pick up the phone and reach out to Addiction Treatment Solutions today to speak to a certified Treatment Advisor now. Quit drinking and get sober for good!