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Who We Are

Who is Addiction Treatment Solutions?

Who We Are &
Why We Help

For an addict or alcoholic, the willingness to get help is so rare and so fragile that when it occurs we have a humane responsibility to immediately act on it, to support it and fan its flames into recovery. At Addiction Treatment Solutions, we see great truth in the age old proverb “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” so we create drug and alcohol treatment solutions for anyone seeking help regardless of their situation or financial resources. We have spent years developing reliable and effective recovery resources including a trusted network of leading treatment facility partners. We pride ourselves on creating addiction treatment solutions that work for you, that are right for you and that make sense. That is the job and passion of Addiction Treatment Solutions.

Comprehensive Guidance & Support
Thanks to the experience and talent of our dedicated Solution Agents, we are able to provide comprehensive guidance and support far greater than that of any one facility. We help those addicted and their families find the right treatment program, coordinate travel to treatment, monitor care while in treatment and then (our favorite part) continue to support you long after treatment. Once you contact Addiction Treatment Solutions, we are your guides for life.

Our Mission

Addiction shatters life into many pieces and it takes a lot of work to put those pieces back together. Without the right help, rebuilding your life can be overwhelming and ultimately lead to relapse. Addiction treatment will get you sober but lasting recovery requires far more than just treatment. Employment needs to be regained, legal issues need to be addressed, and relationships need to be healed – especially the love for oneself. From inpatient and outpatient treatment to job assistance, legal advocacy, life coaching and extended therapy, our mission is to provide comprehensive guidance and managed support for all of our clients before, during and long after treatment. We know from experience that this type of support gives long-term recovery its best chance at success.

Real Addiction Treatment
Solutions by Real People

Our Dedicated
Team Members

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Terry Patton

Founder & Director
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Sophia Garrow

Business Manager
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Denice Lake

Administrative Assistant
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Hilary Ortiz

Team Leader
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Kimberly Estrada

Primary Advocate
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Tawny Hale

Primary Advocate