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Changing the Way We Treat Drug & alcohol Addiction

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If you’re struggling with addiction, you’re not alone. There are millions of Americans going through the same experiences as you. By attending treatment you’ll be able to connect with these people and truly feel like you’re in the company of people that understand you.

One of the most important treatment resources that are available to help you, and anyone you know, who struggles with addiction is outpatient therapy. For most people, this forms the backbone of their treatment plan. There are a few important points regarding outpatient addiction treatment that everyone should keep in mind

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Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment

An outpatient addiction treatment program is designed to take place outside of an inpatient facility. Whereas an inpatient program requires people to sleep at the facility and not leave until the end of the treatment course, an outpatient program allows people to come and go as they please. People typically show up for their appointments and then head home.

An outpatient program is going to help people practice the skills they learned in an inpatient program and apply them to their life outside of treatment. The goal is to take people who are sober and find a way to help them maintain their sobriety as they return to their daily lives.


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What to Expect at an Outpatient Program In California

In an outpatient treatment program, clients have typically either left an inpatient program recently or are moving out of an intensive outpatient program. At this point, clients are going to be responsible for their own care. In the eyes of many, an outpatient treatment program is the maintenance therapy that people need to stay sober for years to come.

When you first enroll in an outpatient program, you might see a provider multiple times per week. You may also be encouraged to attend support groups outside of outpatient, such as a 12-step program. This plays a major role in maintaining sobriety.

Then, as you continue to maintain your sobriety over the months and years that follow, outpatient therapy can be scaled back. You might transition to attending outpatient weekly then only once per month. Eventually, you may stop attending outpatient all together and just attend support groups or continue individual therapy on your own. Just like you will gradually stop using drugs in the beginning of your sobriety, you will also gradually decrease the levels of treatment you go through. You never want to stop anything cold turkey.

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How Outpatient Programs Help

Outpatient therapy is extremely beneficial for sobriety. During this time you can practice maintaining sobriety while living at home and going to work. Other benefits include:

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At Addiction Treatment Solutions, we are a free addiction treatment placement service that offers 24/7 help to individuals and families who are having issues with substance abuse. Our professionals can help you find the right treatment for your needs. We provide a comprehensive treatment placement service that includes admissions, insurance verification, transportation assistance, and even care management that can guide you through each step of the addiction treatment process. We can provide you with assistance in locating detox assistance, residential inpatient facilities, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, traditional outpatient programs, sober living options and more! Should you, a family member, or someone you care about have issues with drug abuse and addiction, rely on us to help you. Please contact us today!