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Changing the Way We Treat Drug & alcohol Addiction

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Addiction Treatment in California

If you are one of the millions of addicts wishing to overcome substance abuse, you can receive free help through the Addiction Treatment Solutions. At Addiction Treatment Solutions, we provide a free concierge service that helps you find the best possible treatment for substance abuse. We work with a number of partner programs throughout Southern California that provide quality, evidence-based treatment to those who need it most. At Addiction Treatment Solutions, we are available to help you and your loved ones in getting the help they need. Our certified Solutions Advisors are trained to help you find the treatment program that fits you or your loved one’s personal needs when seeking treatment.

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Understanding Drug
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What is the Disease of Addiction?

Addiction is a disease that changes the normal brain function and behavior of someone. Even though there are many different forms of addiction, alcohol and drug addiction are the two most common types. Drug and alcohol addiction causes you to have an overwhelming need for a substance to function normally. It usually happens without noticing, but once it gets a grip on you, it is hard to break free alone. When you’re addicted to a substance and the body goes without the substance for a period of time, you’ll begin to experience withdrawals. During this time your body recognizes that it is functioning without the substance it thinks it needs and begins to have side effects. Depending on what substance your using, withdrawals can vary in severity from mild to fatal. Due to the nature of the disease, it is essential you seek the proper help you need. Without the proper help, you may not be able to safely detox and begin your recovery.


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Breaking Down Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment is the process used to stop the addict from seeking and using a substance. The timeline for treatment varies, but for the most part, it usually lasts anywhere from 30-90 days. Factors that play a role in determining length of treatment are the type of substance being abused, how frequently it’s being used, and if the addict has any other co-occurring disorders. 

When discussing your different options for addiction treatment, you need to know there are a variety of options allowing you to pick which program will work for you. A successful treatment plan is designed around you to help you stop using drugs or alcohol, stay drug and alcohol-free after treatment, and be a productive member of your community. At Addiction Treatment Solutions, we work with a variety of different treatment programs located throughout California that offer quality treatment. Our partner programs have been thoroughly vetted and offer you the power of choice when seeking help. When you contact us, you will speak to one of our addiction treatment professionals who will take you through the process of getting sober. We will make sure that you find the treatment options that fit your needs when you contact one of our Solutions Advisors.

Addiction Treatment Options in California

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Types of
Addiction Treatment

Detoxification is the process of removing substances from the body after you stop consuming drugs or alcohol. As a result withdrawal symptoms will occur and need to be managed during this time. Without proper management from an addiction treatment professional, symptoms can be severe or even fatal, depending on the substance of choice. Other symptoms may include anxiety, vomiting, and muscle pain. Although detoxification isn’t required for everyone,this is typically the first step in the treatment process.

Residential inpatient is when the client stays and sleeps at the rehab facility. Our residential inpatient programs provide supervision around the clock. This environment allows for twenty-four-hour support without interruptions and negative influences the client may encounter outside of treatment. The inpatient facilities we work with are staffed with professionals who provide physical and mental support. Inpatient addiction treatment has a higher success rate than outpatient treatment. This phase of addiction treatment is usually right after detox or clients can do both simultaneously.

Intensive outpatient treatment is an effective type of treatment in which the client participates in outpatient therapy and support groups. Clients live off site which allows them to work and spend time with family. The support they can still receive at this time from friends and family is crucial to recovery. This is a viable option for clients who have finished detox or do not require a medically supervised detox program. Many Intensive outpatient treatment programs require several weekly sessions depending on the addiction.

Outpatient treatment is a form of addiction treatment where clients are able to live at home while they still receive treatment. Clients will attend counseling sessions and support group meetings but are able to work and socialize in the outside world. This is a good option for those who have a strong recovery support system. Outpatient treatment is the next step for clients who have completed residential inpatient treatment and/or an intensive outpatient treatment program.

Sober living houses are residential units for clients who are near the end of their addiction treatment process. Sober living facilities provide a structured living environment free of drugs and alcohol while residents adjust to the stressors of the real world. They also provide an instant like-minded peer group to help foster a sense of community. Residents are often given curfews and assigned chores to complete. Most of the time, clients who are in sober livings usually still attend outpatient programs.

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options Just for You

At Addiction Treatment Solutions, we have numerous addiction treatment resources available for you. We have locations all throughout Southern California which allows you to have multiple options when seeking a place to recover. Southern California Partner Facilities are located in Anaheim, Corona Del Mar, Gavilan Hills, Long Beach, Moreno Valley, Newport Beach, and San Diego. With our help, you can concentrate on attaining sobriety while we handle all the small, mundane details. Let us help you find addiction treatment in California that works for you! Contact us today and begin your path to lasting recovery from drugs & alcohol.