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Substance Abuse in Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana, California was named in honor of Saint Ann by the Spanish explorer Don Gaspár de Portolá in 1769. Santa Ana is a city with a lot of history, and was originally used for farm land and cattle grazing. Located in inland Orange County, Santa Ana is home to almost 400,000 people. When you visit the city you can still feel hints of European influence. There are numerous art galleries to frequent, historical sites to see, a college to attend, and the Santa Ana Zoo.

Now that we’ve established all of the wonderful things Santa Ana has to offer, we also need to raise awareness of the substance abuse issues in Santa Ana, California. In 2019, 18 pounds of fentanyl, a dangerous opioid, was seized by law enforcement officials. That is enough fentanyl to create four million doses, which is quite alarming. America is facing an opioid epidemic and Santa Ana is certainly affected. An Orange County sheriff stated in 2019 alone his department seized 100 pounds of fentanyl. Addiction Treatment Solutions knows that unfortunately the battle against the opioid epidemic is going to be a daunting task. Although we have a rough road ahead, we’re dedicated to matching struggling addicts with the addiction treatment they need through our various resources.

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The California Department of Public Health stated deaths in Orange County caused by fentanyl rose from 14 five years ago to 93 deaths in 2018. That is 93 deaths too many. Fentanyl and opioids aren’t the only substance burdening the residents of Santa Ana, alcohol and other drugs are becoming fatal as well. From 2013 to 2015 alone, there were 87 drug or alcohol related deaths in Santa Ana. Of the 87 deaths, 29 were caused by illicit drugs, 31 by prescription drugs, 8 by alcohol, 16 from a mixture of drugs and alcohol, and 3 from ‘other’. There were also 415 hospitalizations in 2015 related to drugs or alcohol. The likelihood of overdose in Santa Ana is higher than other cities in Orange County.

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We work tirelessly to match struggling addicts with treatment in Santa Ana so these numbers can be lowered. We don’t want anymore people to lose their lives to drugs or alcohol. Our network of treatment centers in Santa Ana provide rockstar addiction treatment for anyone battling addiction.


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Addiction Treatment Programs in Santa Ana, CA

If you’re seeking drug or alcohol addiction treatment in Santa Ana, California, Addiction Treatment Solutions will make the process simple. We believe when someone is searching for addiction treatment, they deserve to talk to a real human who can provide real assistance. Treatment programs can vary in the types of treatment offered. Instead of researching extensively to try to figure out what would work best for you, let us do the work. If you’re preparing to go to addiction treatment for an extended period of time or hoping to help someone you know get into treatment, you have other things to worry about then comparing treatment centers.

The certified Addiction Treatment Solutions are here to make the process of finding addiction treatment easy. If you’re an addict, you’ve suffered long enough. We want you to have a positive experience with addiction treatment from the start. When you reach out to us, we’ll review all your options with you. If you tell us you prefer to be with the same gender throughout treatment, we’ll give you all of the non co-ed treatment options in Santa Ana, California. If you struggle with mental illness, we’ll make sure to present to you the dual diagnosis treatment programs.

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If you’ve started to research addiction treatment options on your own or have been to treatment before, you’ve probably heard the term ‘levels of care’. Because there isn’t just one kind of effective addiction treatment available, the levels of care were created. This term refers to the structure of a treatment program. Addiction treatment will vary in how much time you commit to treatment, how long treatment is, and flexibility in the treatment schedule. If you can make the time in your schedule to remove yourself from society for 30 days, residential inpatient treatment is the best option to start your recovery journey.

If you’re in recovery and don’t have a safe space to live in, sober living will be your saving grace. See below to learn more about the various levels of care in addiction treatment:

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Let Us Help You Find Treatment for Addiction in Santa Ana, California

Addiction Treatment Solutions is here to find you addiction treatment options in Santa Ana, California. Our matching services are free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We want to make sure we’re available at all times because a revelation to get help with addiction can happen anytime. The certified Treatment Solution Advisors are absolute experts in the addiction treatment industry. Many are either in recovery themselves or have been affected by someone’s drug or alcohol use.

Addiction Treatment Solutions will assist with the tricky stuff like insurance verification, figuring out how you’ll actually get to treatment, and what to do once treatment is over. We will also work with you to get addiction treatment for someone other than yourself. Reach out today to get yourself the help you deserve, regardless of whether you’ve already been to treatment or not.

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