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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in

Dana Point, California

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Substance Abuse in Dana Point, CA

If you love nature then you’ll love Dana Point, California. Home to gray whales, blue whales, and killer whales, you’ll feel like you’re in an episode of national geographic when whale watching. It’s hard to articulate the beauty of watching marine life in their natural habitat. If you don’t enjoy being out on the water, you can appreciate it from a distance while hiking on one of the various conservation trails in Dana Point. Other activities the residents get to enjoy are surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, golfing, patronizing the arts, and laying on the beautiful beaches of Southern California.

Although Dana Point has amazing things to offer, there is also a high rate of drug and alcohol abuse. Addiction Treatment Solutions has worked hard to establish relationships with addiction treatment facilities in Dana Point, making them more accessible to anyone who needs help with substance abuse. All of the wonderful things mentioned above hold no meaning if you or your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol. It’s hard to marvel at the sight of a whale when you’re thinking about how you’ll score your next fix. 

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Drug & Alcohol
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Dana Point, California

Between 2011 and 2015 there were 120 reported emergency room visits in Dana Point for opioid related health issues, the highest in all of Orange County. Over the past decade opioid related emergency room visits have doubled in Orange County alone. Although there isn’t definitive evidence yet, it seems there is a correlation between opioid use and affluent cities in America. In 2017, the California Department of Public Health gave Orange County 6,200 doses of Naloxone. Dana Point and Orange County are not protected from the opioid epidemic.

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According to an Orange County Health Care Agency report, there were 41 drug and alcohol related deaths between 2013-2015 in Dana Point, California. Of these deaths, 10 were related to prescription drugs. Dana Point rated highest for hospitalizations of drug and alcohol abuse in the entire county, with 44.6 hospitalizations per 10,000 people. 


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Addiction Treatment Programs in Dana Point, CA

Finding addiction treatment in Dana Point, California doesn’t have to be difficult. Located less than 20 miles from the nearest airport, Dana Point is easily accessible for those pursuing treatment from out of state. At Addiction Treatment Solutions, we’re addiction experts who hire other addiction experts to help match struggling addicts with effective treatment. 

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ method for addiction treatment. Addiction Treatment Solutions works with all different kinds of addiction facilities. Some of the facilities we work with specialize in holistic addiction treatment and others built addiction programs around 12-step methods. If you prefer to be around people of the same gender, there are gender specific treatment programs available in Dana Point. If you don’t mind co-ed treatment or prefer to be around men and women, we will happily match you with a mixed gender program. There are also treatment programs available if you’d like to utilize private insurance, government insurance, or self pay. We pride ourselves on being able to find a treatment option for everyone that reaches out to us.

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Levels of Care & Treatment in
Dana Point

Levels of care is the term used to refer to different kinds of treatment. Although you choose what type of treatment you’d like to pursue, it’s usually recommended by addiction treatment professionals to start with detoxification and inpatient residential treatment. One of the biggest benefits to this level of care is being able to remove yourself from society for a period of time. Then programs such as intensive outpatient and sober living can be pursued as ‘lower levels’. This process is referred to as step down levels of care.

Below you’ll find a more in depth explanation of the levels of care you’ll discuss with one of our certified Solutions Advisors:

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Recovery from Addiction is Possible in Dana Point, California

Don’t wait to seek addiction treatment in Dana Point, California. Addiction Treatment Solutionss free concierge service for matching struggling addicts to addiction treatment is available in the Dana Point area. We know when you’re ready to get treatment, there is a small window of time between seeking treatment and getting yourself there. We act with urgency to ensure you don’t change your mind about getting the help you deserve.

When you reach out to Addiction Treatment Solutions, a certified Solutions Advisor will reach back out to you immediately. They understand what you’re going through and are able to talk to you with compassion and empathy. Once they have the information they need regarding your addiction or substance abuse, they work efficiently to match you with an addiction treatment program. After you’re matched with a treatment program, the work doesn’t stop on our end. We assist in facilitating transportation for you to treatment, we work with the facility during your intake, and we’re available for you while you get treatment.

Addiction Treatment Solutions isn’t just a resource you can use for yourself, we will also work with you if you’re seeking treatment on behalf of someone else. Sometimes it can be hard for someone to admit they have a problem and we can help you help them. Please don’t wait to speak with us about addiction treatment, reach out to us today!

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