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Different Types Of Rehab Facilities

Once you or a loved one has accepted the need for help in getting clean and the decision has been made to enter rehab, the next step is understanding the different types of rehab facilities out there. Each person suffering from addiction is using drugs and alcohol along a continuum which means that what helps one user get sober may not be a good, or even necessary, solution for another.

In other words, things like the severity of substance abuse, the amount of damage to the body and mind as well as many other factors play a role in what type of facility someone will go into.

Creating a plan with the highest chance of success includes understanding the rehab landscape and Addiction Treatment Solutions can help you do this. 

What Are the Different Types of Rehab Facilities?

Rehab facilities come in many shapes and sizes so to speak in terms of what they can do and/or specialize in. 


Perhaps the scariest and most viscerally intense part of the process, getting your body free of the substance you’re addicted to is paramount for moving forward in recovery. You quite literally can’t make progress without detoxing.

After being admitted, even if currently under the influence (and it’s ok to show up like that), you’ll provide your medical history and detox professionals will work to ascertain your level of drug and alcohol use. The process of detox involves close supervision and observation to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms as best as possible.

Detox is most often immediately followed by more treatment.

Residential Inpatient

This is most likely the type of facility most folks picture when they think of rehab. Residential inpatient facilities require that you live there to help avoid distractions and temptation to be able to focus all your attention on treatment. It’s immersive.

This generally comes directly after detox is complete and is where the “real work” starts. You’ll be under the care and guidance of addiction specialists and the staff of the facility throughout. 

Your particular program is catered to your needs and will include things like group and individual therapy. Additionally, depending on the facility, you may have alternative and holistic therapies available like yoga and art therapy.

The average length of time spent is 1 to 3 months.


The next in line after detox and residential inpatient are outpatient facilities. After you’ve completed your live-in treatment, outpatient programs carry you yet further towards full independence.

You’re back to living on your own but will come back to the facility for continued treatment. It may start as many visits per week and taper off as you get more comfortable in your new routine.

Outpatient treatment is usually accompanied by support groups like a 12-step program.

Sober Living

Instead of transitioning back into what could be an unhealthy and toxic environment, sober living homes are a great option to look at instead. The idea here is to share a home with people who are also in the recovery process, ones that genuinely understand your plight.

It’s moving right into a network of support that goes both ways and helps stave off and prevent relapse.

Choosing the Right One for You

Making the right call is entirely dependent on your situation and what you need to succeed. Different types of rehabs vary in what they focus on and some are better suited to meet your requirements than others. Like with anything important in life, doing the research will lead you to the promised land.

Getting Help With Addiction

Luckily, you don’t have to do that research on your own. Addiction may be an insular problem that works to isolate you from those who care about you but finding treatment doesn’t have to be a solo mission too. We understand that there are a lot of options out there and sifting through all the literature can feel overwhelming. At Addiction Treatment Solutions, we’re here to help you see clearly through that fog and find the facility that works best for you. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about each type of facility.

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