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Drug Addiction Intervention

Drug addiction is a disease that knows no bounds. The slow drip of devastation it causes works not only to destroy the user but it chips at the soul of those who love that person dearly.

Imagine the scenario; you’ve brought a new life into the world. You’re a parent holding them while they cried. Nurtured them for years. Got them on their own two feet and made sure to pick them up whenever they fell down. Bought new clothes when they grew out of old ones. Drove them to school and picked them up. Watched their successes and comforted them in defeat.

Then, as if overnight, something changes. They’re acting differently. More distant. Colder. The behavior becomes more and more erratic. They’ve veered far, dangerously far, off the course you’d hoped they’d follow. There are mood swings. Missed events. The ceaseless chase for their drug of choice replacing anything else they previously cared about.

Just like that you’ve changed from parent to spectator. You’ve become an innocent bystander, watching the structure of this person you’ve created tear itself apart.

You can be anyone, not just a parent; friend, brother, aunt, colleague, etc. the helplessness you feel as drugs consume your loved one is very acute and very real.

What can you do? Turn to Addiction Treatment Solutions of course! 

What Is A Drug Addiction Intervention?

You can intervene.

It’s possible to take some control back and help.

The Association of Intervention Specialists defines intervention rather simply, they call it an opportunity to interrupt a person’s destructive life patterns. In a nutshell, that’s absolutely what’s happening. The “interruption” comes in the form of a planned event with family, friends and a licensed counselor that is run by a professional interventionist.

It is as serious as it gets in terms of creating a memorable and profound event for the addict, where the ultimatums will carry the most weight. The idea is for family and friends to shine a light or, perhaps better put, hold a mirror to help expose the depths of their addiction and the havoc it’s causing in their own life.

The truth of the matter is, sometimes people need a push in the right direction and an intervention can accomplish just that.

When Is an Intervention Needed?

Unfortunately, there’s not a hard and fast answer to this. Everyone is unique and each addiction has its own unique set of circumstances and motivations.

By the time you’re considering an intervention, it likely means you’ve already come across a substantial number of red flags in the drug use habits and conduct your loved one is exhibiting. You’ve likely noticed their behavior shift dramatically. That their brain doesn’t seem to work the way it used to. Their appearance has maybe changed drastically by now. Maybe you’ve had conversations with other friends and family already.

All these things are signs that you’re probably reaching the point of seriously considering the next step and setting the stage for an intervention.

How to Do an Intervention

Once you’ve made the call to move forward, working out how to do an intervention is the next step. The Mayo Clinic outlines the important steps in staging an intervention:

  1. Make a plan
  2. Gather information
  3. Form the intervention team
  4. Decide on specific consequences
  5. Hold the intervention
  6. Follow up

Hearing from those closest to them about the damage their drug use is doing not only to themselves but to those around them could prove to be the revelatory experience an addict needs. Coupling that with cut and dry consequences for not accepting help and an intervention may just be what finally gets them into treatment.

If it’s something you’re considering, know that it’s worth it, the success rate of interventions is the 80-90% range.


Addiction Treatment Solutions Can Help

At Addiction Treatment Solutions, we understand the nuances of addiction. We also understand that it can be particularly difficult to get someone addiction treatment help. Get in touch with us today at Addiction Treatment Solutions and we can help connect you with the right intervention specialist to learn if it’s right for your loved one and to guide you through the process if so.

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